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Firefox tips

January 3, 2007


Extensions that I am currently using and find them very useful

1) No Script: Prevent our browser from Javascript, Ad services.

2) Scrapbook: great tool to save web pages, download several documents and annotate readings. We can create multiple profiles for different purposes.

3) Foxmarks Bookmark Syncrhonizer: To automatically synchronize bookmarks across computer.

4) SuperDragAndGo: I stick to FF 1.5.x and this works well. So convenient, to customize our search easily. Say, you want to buy a book and want to shop around, first go to Amazon to have ISBN of the books, then select search engine “BestBookDeal by ISBN” or “” which can by added to your FF from MyCroft project.

Similarly, other search engines are, Wiki, Amazon, StumbleUpon, Thesaurus, Gmail, GMap,..

5) DictionarySearch

6) StumbleUpon: you never know what you are going to get! Interesting websites that is difficult to have from popular search engines

7) CopyPlainText

8) Firefox Google Bookmarks: to synchronize my bookmarks on my computer and on Google Bookmarks.

9) Launchy: to open links from web pages with an customizable external applications.

10) Performancing: a blog composer tool, to post this message and messages to blogs.


This is a kool feature of FF that I have used for a while. We can open an address typing a shortcut keyword on URL or search using keyword.

Some keywords I am using:

– gm for gmail
– gr for googl reader
– gcal for google calendar
– gdoc for google document
– del for searching witin delicious tagging
– ulib for search my University library.
– eventf for eventful searching withing my area

among others


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