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Sage feed reader

February 15, 2007

I changed to Sage, a feed reader extension of Fifefox.

Sage is simple and fast, simply adds more to the interface while it integrates with firefox bookmarks(this is great!). I know of Sage since it receives a firefox award 🙂


– FF 2.0: we need to click on the “Subscribe to this page” button next to the URL. Then drag the RSS feed to Sage Feeds folder (I put that folder in Bookmarks Toolbar Folder).

– I use Foxmarks to synchronize bookmarks, I don’t use del tagging. This way, my feeds will be good on other computers.

Sage, Scrapbook and Performancing reveal something. While there are more and more web (2.0) services with similar values, the need for applications or services that “wrap” them arises.

I prefer applications since they should be light weight, right on my computer, and applications in a way bring “peace of mind” while web services engender distraction. The rest is to synchronize bits of data among computers. Maybe a USB drive is the simplest way? :-))

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  1. February 15, 2007 10:41 pm

    Just discovered that it is easy to export/import from google reader to this extension. Both is OK.

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