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Entry for Wednesday February 21, 20007

February 21, 2007

Idea: using blog for resource sharing

I further improve Tien’s idea of an online book directory by using blogs for resource sharing. This method adds space for customizing shared material. For example: link to, book’s review, owner and further comments.

I also creates a blog to share the books that I have at

Another convenience of this method is that many blogs can be easily integrated or edited by Performancing FF extension.

Some blog websites provide theme tagging but I think given the simplicity and convenience of creating a new blog and RSS feature, we just need to create a blog for a theme.

Thought: the need for blog diversification

Blogs are an effective tool in the Web 2.0 hippie and one should own more than one blog, for purposes of:

– Targeting different audiences.
– Sharing ideas with friend.
– Personal journaling.
– Diversifying themes…

Google is aware of this. I just discover that is the union between Google and Blogger. With one Google account, one can create many blogs.

News: google and customized search

We can create a customized search engine for search site and aggregate them together. This will support a colloborative resource sharing in the above idea.

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  1. February 21, 2007 9:02 pm

    Hi Hien,

    I feel having a book blog takes up too much time for one to maintain. There are tools to map the books that one owns and share this with others, e.g. Shelfari ( or aNobii ( The benefit of a group having a common tagging system is ability to search on the tag for the topic you are interested in.

    Having multiple blogs has a similar drawback: high maintenance. To keep people’s attention, one needs enough posts on each blog, which adds up to a significant effort. Also, if someone interested, he or she has to subscribe to multiple RSSes, which is quite cumbersome. Instead, you can have multiple topics and threats and let people see you from different angles rather than having 3 – 4 blogs.

    Just another view. Cheers,


  2. February 21, 2007 10:36 pm

    Hi a. Tien,

    ” to maintain” issue: I found Performancing a very good tool to post to multiple blogs. To subscribe to multiple blogs, I can use Sage and drag and drop one’s RSSes to his folder. However, it does not make sense if one’s blogs are similar.

    I actually thought of book blog as an RSS concept, similar to your book directory to share books that I own in hard or soft copies. Blog just has more flexibility than a bookmark website.

    Multiple blogs: I think it can be applied where blogs have different meanings. I want readers to have effective attention. Especially when it appears serially in RSS reader. Sometimes we need only one reader, e.g. a personal diary 🙂


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