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Entry on March 11, 2007

March 12, 2007


I installed this service about six months ago because I could not find certain results on search engine and tried “random walks” in “something”. I like the idea: instead of finding a particular thing yourself, let the crowd and randomness pick it for you. However I don’t use it much 🙂

StumbleUpon uses:

+ rating
+ randomness
+ social network (global and friend)
+ diversified content eg video

FF shortcuts

one that I use usually:

+ Ctrl-T           open new Tab
+ Ctrl-W          close a Tab
+ F11              full screen
+ Ctrl-R or F5   reload

Learn and life off work


– I am reading a book “The thinker toolkit” from the list of Mr Tien.
– I read the book “Visualization Map” to see the process however most of them I found in classes that I took e.g control system. I need to think of ways to apply some maps.

I am surprised that most folks use Mindjet software. I use Mindmapper version 3.5, a similar application with beautiful design, convenient features and much less resource consuming. Microsoft is behind Mindjet though.


This will be the skill that I need much work on. I have been better after looking at some books and listened to audio books on my car, such as “The psychology of selling“, “Who’s pushing your button” and over talks with my friend who used to be a psychologist about change.

However, I still find it difficult to change “structured (close)” minded people. It requires persistence and often frustration. I usually have no communication problem with western friends. Give me some suggestion, will you?

I saw an article which quotes an Arabian proverb:

The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers:
a) Is it true?
b) Is is necessary?
c) Is it kind?

-> a) Are we right? What are the assumptions? Are we open-minded?

-> b) Is is necessary?

– Is our approach of practical help?
– What are the person’s real problem?
– Is change necessary? The person is happy in his/her comfort zone now and work well for his/her goal.
– Is it worth our effort? Cost and benefits?

-> c) Do we make the person feel good?

Foods and sports

I have experimented and qualify new food recipes (for me) the last two weeks.

+ Marinated fish (ca kho)
+ Marinated pork (thit kho)
+ Mixed lettuce with vinegar

So that I can cook for myself better and can treat friends.

And I motivated myself for doing more exercise and spending more time to sleep. Aikido and soccer. Last Friday we lost 4-1 in soccer. I scored the goal but was responsible for two lost goals.

It’s getting warmer. I will ride the bike around.

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  1. Michael permalink
    June 13, 2007 5:21 pm

    I am surprised you use Mindmapper which is very expensive. I use FreeMind which is Opensource and claims that it will never ask for money.
    Mind you, over these all, I found that the book by Tony Buzan MindMap is by far the best tool.
    Softwares are too dull. On a piece of paper, you can draw, write big colourful letters, empahsize, use coded colours. it is so much more fun than using these softwares.
    Try Tony Buzan’s book – NOT, repeat NOT the software fro his site. His software is actually a regression on the idea taken from his book.
    MindMap is dynamic, expanding and leads to enthusiastic discoveries. Try it
    Best regards, Michael

  2. Michael permalink
    June 13, 2007 5:31 pm

    An additional site which is full of free enthusiastic mind tools is
    That’s a whole new domain and it is fascinating!

  3. June 14, 2007 7:15 pm

    Thanks Micheal.

    I used the software almost for free about 4 years ago when a student. I brought the software to the U.S. and keep it still.

    >>>Softwares are too dull.
    You are right. The computer limits our natural way of seeing, working and thinking. I use a tag & color notebook for for multi-purposes and for mind mapping.

    Software however is good for other purposes. I for example link MM branches to MS Word, HTML link etc. Also good for printing, processes among others.

    I have the Mindtool ebook from the website however hardly get a chance to read yet.

    If you are interested in Mind stuff, I think brain science and neurology
    are at the essence.

    Also check out:


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