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Rebates in the US

April 2, 2007

I submitted five rebates from different companies including Samsung and “noname” companies selling their items under e.g. Micronet and others . I got one rebate back only.

I called and could not reach the rebate reps for unreturned rebates. I was not frustrated though since I had things to do and they were just tiny bugs of life, which is a fact that “rebate” companies will appreciate me and other customers for. I understood that they make money by hassle and statistics. Other benefiting companies in the chain are “good deal” sites, “good rebate” sites and obviously Google. Everybody is happy but not the customers.

I responded by emailing for the email contacts of companies and I wrote to them: Companies, I know that I am played by your game and if you don’t return my money, I will post about you rebate-sucking companies on websites, forum, blog and Consumer Protection Bureau.

I got two more rebates back by this way.


  • Google:
    •  Searches are much irrelevant now. Mostly commercial craps.
    •  Mostly feed results and blog results come first.
    •  Google sucks. Others are the same.
  • I would love open foundations from the open source and people source to appear to reshape the Internet. Maybe a search foundation like WikiSearch and a foundation to protect common people from negative things on the Internet.
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