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Entry on Wednesday April 11, 2007

April 12, 2007

I gave my icebreaker speech today at Toastmaster meeting!

The joy of biking

Fellow Toastmasters,

I love biking. Every bikeride enriches my worldview. I have joy and learn new things from any ride.

Riding to the farmers’ market on Saturday, I see lovely farmers with their colorful products. Of flowers, honey, vegetables and paintings. I see Church street so colorful in the summer with singers and guitar players, street styles and banners. They are good people and I think about love and humanity. Simply, being good and kind comes first.

Riding along the bike path of Lake Champlain, I enjoy the views from my bike. The trees, the lake, the water, the clouds and the sun. The boys and girls playing in the Waterfront park. The parents taking care of the children; and the solitary man sitting on a chair looking afar. All are so vivid and full of life.

I venture all the way down to Leddy Park and Colchester causeway until where the causeway gap has not yet been bridged. I see beautiful trees and leaves and the sun. I have wonderful feelings of the breeze, the sounds of the bike and the rustling of the leaves. I realize that I am riding alone on such a beautiful quest. I just so enjoy it that I imagine I can let go of things and can pave a forever way like Forrest Gumps does.

Being in such magnificent nature draws great imagination. I think up new ideas for my work and life in such boundless space. My mind wanders far beyond the constraints of work and daily life, beyond my fixed state of mind. I think of the song Imagine by John Lennon, and of the imagination of people like Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr.

The blue vastness also has a freeing effect. It relieves stress and anger, disappointment and negative feelings, and opens doors for hope, love and imagination. I suddenly feel so small in the grand landscape. I’m small as a leaf in the universe; a dust that tries to attach itself to a fast-moving car. The thought gives me a whole different perspective of time and space.

The journey also flows into my reflective thoughts on things. Little things as why does the chicken cross the roads? Why do the car-poolers and vegetarians still not get tax break given the fact that those who buy hybrid cars do? Personal things about my happy little world in Vietnam and my present hectic and lonely life in the US. I wonder Why, What and How about several things. I find answers for some and am still looking for answers for others and certainly anticipating new questions coming up.

Riding a bike is a wonderful journey for me.

Thank you Madame Toastmaster.

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