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Entry for Tuesday May 01, 2007

May 2, 2007

A gift

Monday after I came home from my first Bible Study group, I received a gift from Linh Pham in the West Coast. It was a Student Bible book nicely wrapped as a gift from The wrapping was so elegant I must say.

I was beamed with surprise. I am impressed with qualities I perceive from Christian people such as Linh, my English mentor at the Church and others. I can name loving, unconditional, unyielding, gentle among others.

I will study the Bible when I have time. Challenging though. Time is the single limiting resource we all share.

Thanks to Marion

Marion is a excellent sophomore girl majoring in Russian. She will go home for summer vacation a week from now. And she will go to Saint Petersburg three months later. I am not going to see her for a long time.

I knew Marion more than six months ago as my second English mentor. I enjoy great friendship with her through chatting in English. Marion is young enthusiastic and expressive with her gut-feeling views on several issues that I challenge her. I, in return am glad to share my perspectives with her.

To Marion, I am grateful. I will write you letters.

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