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Entry on Friday 04, 2007

May 4, 2007

Soccer tourament

James announced the victory:

Q-Blue cruises to victory in the play offs in the Corporate Cup League !

The results :
Round 1 :     Hammered Los Burros 1-0
Round 2 :     Destroyed Turtle Rock 1-0
Semi Final :  Outplayed IDX 0-0 ( winning penalties on sudden death )
Final :          Dismantled Jake’s Army 1-0

The facts :
100 minutes played ( 4 x 25min ).
Clean sheets kept in all 4 games.
3 of these teams played finished in the top 4 positions of the league.
Only 2 subs available throughout.

Well done to all -> excellent performance !!

Travel update

I am going to NYC this weekend to attend Bike NY


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News in Vietnamese

I don’t know if it’s good or bad, that I haven’t read news in Vietnamese for a long time and and probably will not care much.

Maybe I am not so socially concerned. Maybe Vietnamese news are not useful (for me), maybe so predictable?

But I recently notice the news of the dancing hub in Hanoi. While there have been many negative chats, I actually love it. I am impressed with the new leadership


  • Shocking truth on the people’s mindset (not just “the people”)
  • Speed of change >>> the physical pain.
  • Top-down approach
  • Checks and balance
  • Vietnam image to the world.


  • “Mafia” approach.
      But the “legal” concept is questionable anyway.
  • Innocent people

Less relevant

  • Accuracy of the media. E.g. # of people
  • Treatment of the people.

Link this case with cases such as Mr. Edu, PMU18. Analyze the difference of the cases. We see some insights.

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