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Bike NY tour on May 06, 2007

May 13, 2007

    I drove to NYC to participate in the 30th anniversary of Bike NY last week. Apart from joining with my co-workers in the tour, I traveled alone the whole way. That was brave!

Bike NY

Bike NY spans across Five Borough of New York which includes Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

The tour length is 42 miles per round; that means I have completed 42 miles x 2.5 around = 105 miles over 6 or 7 hours of biking. I don’t quite believe the #, may be wrong!

Impressions of the tour

I am quite impressed with the organization of Bike NY.

– The tour engages attracted thousands of riders with diverse abilities from many areas of United States.

– The scenery is fantastic. In just few hours we ride to various places of NYC, green Central Park, Bronx, Brooklyn, peaceful Queens…

– They blocked the highway for us riders. It was fun to see the cars on the other side. We shouted out loud on the Brooklyn Bridge.

– The logistics is excellent. Many police, ambulance and tour staff are ready at different locations. There were lots of free snacks and waters in rest areas with cheerful staff.

– The tour was sponsored by Commercial Bank and foods & drinks company.

– A photo company took pictures of us riders. I received later one photo sample of my talking to a Brooklyn man on the Brooklyn Bridge (talk about him later) because of my rider code. Professional!

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