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[office] Tips on Internet and note-taking

May 13, 2007

Coping with Internet attention ripping

Whether you have high rational control or not, Internet distraction is still a state of the mind. This week, I implemented a new policy that proved to be effective.

I used this nice blocksite extension or Firefox. It shuts out my nervous energy for mind wandering and focuses my energy on my complex work at hand.

I blocked out forums and news.

Note-taking tips

I have been using a new noting system for a while. It works well.


– I use paper books to note down ideas and plan according to the complexity of the subject. Not software.

– A tag-based system on the margin of the book to separate topics e.g. [ideas] for ideas. [tech] for technology [E] for English etc

– When I notch out my notes, I may put them to archive on software.

– Another method is to attach the notes to the material itself. Easy to check.

The benefits:

– Flexibility
– Use in combination with highlighters, personal marks
– Good for the eyes. No online dependency.

How do you manage your notes?

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