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Campfire in the backyard

May 31, 2007

Relaxing moments at the end of the day inspire me to write this post.

Campfire in the backyard

I came home after a long day and heard music from the backyard. I trailed to the garden, sat down and watched friends playing and singing.

Campfire in the backyard

We were sitting around a campfire under a big dark sky and in a vast garden with trees and breeze. I sat down on a chair and just watched the embers and people playing no talking. That was reflective and refreshing.



We sat around embers and kindled marshmallow before in our former backyard with Chapin. That house even had a tree-house. Noah and I climbed on the tree house, looked down to the trees and up at the sky. And we talked.

Walking on Lake Goodnow Flow

Lake Goodnow Flow on Adirondacks was totally frozen in winter 2005. Noah, his mom and I skied for long in the afternoon. And we walked on the lake in the evening. I wrote in their guest-book then “It was a sky dome full of stars“. In a scenic and open-spaced mountain like Adirondacks, we could see the sky very clearly. There were lots of stars and the galaxy.


We stayed in a cabin with glowing fireplace in Adirondacks trip and had good a good conversation. We also had good conversation with fireplace few months before on Thanksgiving dinner with Noah’s grandma.

Fireplace is a good cozy place for American family gather and have dinner and or chat before going to bed. It is an attaching place. In the Great Depression, F.D. Roosevelt gave “fireside chats” to advise and encourage the American people.

Sky and kite

Summertime it is so beautiful in Vermont. After a soccer game in the park, I enjoy lying on the grass and look at the sky. I try to capture the sky image with kite onto my mind. It is liberating.

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