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June 4, 2007

I always try to do something new on Saturday to refresh my daily-busy mind with new signals, may it be sports, going to new places, meeting new people or just whatever new.

Skydiving adventure

It was a Saturday about a month ago that I went skydiving-tandem jumping. That means:

– I accompanied a crew on the airplane to an altitude of 12.000 feet.
– We jumped out of the airplane and just free-fell.
– At a certain height, my coacher opened the parachute and we fell slowly.
– We maneuvered the parachute with the wind for a while until we reached the ground.

The feelings…

I was not afraid at all when I climbed on the airplane. But at the time the door of the jet-plane was opened, I was quite nervous. It was very windy. I even hold on to the handle of the plane not to jump. Then I jumped with the coacher.

It was a shocking fall. The wind blew so hard. I just “was” and reacted with instinct rather than awareness.

The wind blew my goggle away in an instant. That was strange. In a second, my eye-glasses were gone in the greenfield below.

I still saw the scenery with my own eyes. However it was less impressive.

Thanks to the coacher, I knew how to control the parachute with the wind.

Finally we landed. It was a totally differently feeling for me. I felt very light, less serious, less thinking and just natural.

The next morning, the news reported a cow wearing glasses 🙂

Waterbury, Vermont on a Saturday

I planned to attend Shinzen Young meditation session on a Saturday starting at 2 pm until 5 pm. However I went early to Waterbury to visit the town.

Wandering – shopping

In the morning, I visited a flower store, an antique store, an pottery house and a garden.

I loved the richness of artistic imagination in the places I went to. I was impressed with the beauty of home-business at the flower shop and the pottery house.

I saw lots of history, biblical and traditional values in the antique store. I was surprised at the Emporium store with lots of items of all colors and origins which represents very diverse and rich cultures. I bought Vermont life magazines of 1950 and 1951.

I know it’s surprising that I remembered this quote of a.Tien long ago. “If your house is on fire, what would you take out immediately and run” – “the savings account of my grandfather and the cookbook of my mom“.

I found extreme peace at the garden with all the flowers under the sun.

During the visit, I noted down things.

Meditation with Shinzen

This was enlightening. I have been thinking about a theory based solely on previous readings, and mostly my observation and experiment. Listening to Shinzen and talking with him, I figured out much more. I also asked to chat with him at another time.

A Latin-American party

I went to a Latin American party at 5 pm in Waterbury, thanks to invitation of a lady that I knew in a dancing class. This was the first time I ever went to a Latin American party.

It was fun. Most people spoke Spanish, except American visitors and me.There were different types of foods and wines.

I talked at length with the boy of the lady. He was a sharp kid crazily interested in game design. He modified, designed and hacked computer game. I talked with him about design, learned from him and provided him suggestions.

From him, I knew that Puerto Rico is a “province” of U.S.  Everybody is U.S. citizen but nobody in Puerto Rico has the right to vote, but go to the Army. It is funny given American democracy in its constitution. The reason is “they do not see it our way“.


Going back from the party at 7pm, I went to the ballroom dancing class which I have been taking for 7 months. It was fun. I realized that I developed a much better sense of “visual thinking” thanks to dancing. Before that I mostly used the left-brain thinking.

Going home

I was readily for an appointment on Internet at 10:30pm but it was canceled. Feeling OK for a spoiled day.

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