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Quite a few people don’t like Apple Computers

July 20, 2007

Reading articles by Chau Hong Linh and Zed Shaw about “Why I Hate Apple?” and my experience of using the Apple Computer of my roommate, I am kinda convinced that Apple Computer sucks.

They listed out the drawbacks of Apple performance. I would just describe my impression from using it firsthand.

  • Clumsy interface.
  • Clumsy hardware.
  • Dummy Office Set. Windows is much better.
  • Very expensive.

I also never use an iPod before. I have used my CreativeMP3 player for a long time and it works very well. Its design is a bit bigger than and iPod but it works very well, very durable.

It fell on on the ground few times, went in to the laundry few times, but still works very well.

Creative battery is long, probably more than a day, much better than an iPod. The sound quality is very good.

And it is much cheaper.

Regardless, the stock of Apple is working very well. I think that’s probably how marking works. The tail wags the dog.

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