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[blog picks] Interview tips and blog ideas

July 24, 2007

Long time not to use Google Reader made me almost close it when I see so many new entries and long blogs. What if I had used Google Reader and read news frequently?

Interviewing tips

1. Know the company needs well

2. Know your outstanding advantages

3. Dress up.

4. Arrive 15 minutes earlier.
       to allow 30 minutes waiting leeway.

5. Prepare questions about the company
       to show you want to feel the company.

6. Stay loose
       relax relax relax
       my tip: if you get nervous, breathe with your belly 🙂

7. Attentive to details
       show that you are careful. e.g. fancy-papered resume

8. Get a business card from everyone
       to send thank-you note

9. Follow directions
       remember and do what the company requests

10. Be positive
       smile and show your charm.


1. People will pay for content

There are a lot of excellent resources and noise on the Internet and other media. It takes efforts to filter and thus content-filter can get paid.

2. What makes a blog entry attract attention?

I believe it should be:

  • Short-paragraph text
  • Least noise
  • Catchy
  • Easy to understand
  • Entertaining bonus

In short, a clear structure counts much. Less words too.

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