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[Traveling] Traveling to Newport RI 1

August 12, 2007

Newport, RI

– A beautiful little city in the “cape” of Rhode Island.

– Coastal weather. A long, winding and windy ocean drive.

Ocean Ave, Newport RI

Fort Adams state park  – Newport

Newport is a  strategic position for defense of the U.S. against
aggressors from the sea.Fort Adams – named after John Adams
the President – is a stronghold.

Fort Adams is located along the Ocean Drive.

Fort Adams state part

A Newport sport

Yachting in Newport

– A popular sport in Newport is Yachting. There is a big Yacht Club here.

– The Museum of Yachting is located in Fort Adams. It exhibits history and all kinds of boat, kayaks, ships. And folks who make history with the arts –  ship makers, athletes who set records in crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

– Newport is home to several famous mansions of billionaires of the past, which now belong to U.S. preservation society.

Chateau Sur-Mer Mansion

There are about 7 or 8 mansions of all.

There are rich architecture and thick artistic density in all the mansions. I visited only Chateau Sur-Mer – Castle by the Sea.

While I love architecture and arts, I am not really into “too much”
artistic density. They all have abundance and leave very little room
for “background” 🙂

Most of the mansions are on Bellevue Ave. Close to the International
Tennis Hall of Fame on the same avenue is a beautiful walking road –
Cliff Walk.

Cliff Walk – Newport

Cliff Walk – Newport

A walk rich of coastal beauty and architectural history.

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