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[Traveling] Traveling to Newport RI 2

August 12, 2007

Plymouth, MA

On Friday morning I was leaving from Cambridge MA to visit Plymouth MA, which is along the way to Newport RI.

The Pilgrim story

– Plymouth MA is the first colony of the first Europeans to settle in the New-Found-Land which is now the U.S.

The landing of the Pilgrim

– The first Europeans are the Pilgrims, a British religious group seeking
Separation from the Church of England by sailing across the Atlantic
Ocean to find a new land.

– After the long voyage full of perils, the Pilgrims and some merchants arrived at the New Land on the Mayflower. They anchored in Plymouth Rock in 1620.

– I visited the Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth, which displays the artifacts and other exhibits of the Pilgrim Story.

The Pilgrim Hall in 1860 (c. Pilgrim Hall)

– Thanks to the kindness of Native American, the Pilgrims survived the
harsh winter and got their first harvest in October 1621. That was the
first Thanksgiving Day.

The first Thanksgiving – Pilgrim Hall

Mayflower II

Mayflower II

After WWII, an effort was made to re-create the original Mayflower. The U.S. and U.K. cooperated to build the Mayflower II which set sail from Britain to Plymouth, MA in 1957.

The Mayflower II is still functional and used for exhibition. However they don’t sail it across the Ocean anymore 🙂

Union Oyster House, Boston MA

On Saturday evening, I headed back to Boston to gather with a group
of friends. We picked up some new MBA students at Logan Airport then
hung out at Union Oyster House.

Union Oyster House was American’s Oldest Restaurant (est. 1826).

Union Oyster House

The pub’s theme is historical. J.F.K used to sit at table 18 upstairs.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

On Sunday morning, I drove to Portsmouth and Hampton Beach in New
Hampshire to unite with Tri and Van. It was extremely hot. However the
water was very cold 🙂

We walked around Portsmouth downtown.

We were all back to Vermont in the evening.

Traveling logistics

– Thank you all for friends who accommodated me along the trip. I had good staysand wonderful chats.
– The GPS was very helpful.
– Newport is very tourist-friendly.
– I got free parking spaces in Newport, Cambridge and Boston.
– Traffic in Boston is not good.

Dinning tips

Say, you don’t really want to pay a lot of money at a coastal restaurant, you can still have a very decent dinner.

– Order few fancy items, probably shared with friends.
– Order some extra breads to keep hunger at bay, usually not on menu 🙂

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