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Entry for weekend August 25-27, 2007

August 30, 2007

I went to Providence, RI last Saturday to participate in a Inter-state Vietnamese sports tournament.

In the evening, I came to an Overseas Vietnamese friend’s house in Holbrook, MA. I had a chat with him, and we went to a Vietnamese church in Malden, MA before I returned to Vermont at noon.

The weekend was so good, as the old Vietnamese saying goes “Di mot ngay dang, hoc mot sang khon” (On day of traveling, a great deal of knowledge).

Vietnamese sports, New England league in Providence 2007

Random bits

  • Named New England League however the League also consisted of teams outside New England, e.g. New York, Washington DC and audience from as far as Minnesota and Ohio 🙂
  • Many people. Huge! The first time that I ever saw such a big Vietnamese crowd in the U.S.
  • Found some old friends back in my elementary and secondary school years. Met with a friendly guy who I met at U.S. Consulate for visa interview in Hanoi. Greeted and chatted with many.
  • Too Vietnamese to be true 🙂
  • Just by chatting and observing our root people getting together in the U.S, different people of various experience living in U.S, we can learn a lot.
  • Big thanks to the efforts of busy folks in putting everything together. Many thanks to people behind the scene who cooked for the party.

Sports bits

Soccer game

  • As an independent guy, I first asked to play with Boston team. They had too many players. Then I switched to the Diplomatic Missions Team from NYC and won the third prize with them.

Providence team – the Champion

  • The Providence team won the championship just because they played so well.

Soccer audience

  • There are folks who play table tennis and tennis very well.

The rest of the trip

I first met Tuan Dao at an wedding few months ago in Burlington, VT and we promised to follow up. I finally got to his house this time.

It was a beautiful house in a quiet area close to Boston MA. We chatted, mostly about the topics of God, faith and rationality. He was so inspiring.

I have been reading the Bible and learned many good things. Those interested in self-help book, psychology and human nature can learn a lot from the Bible.

Chat bits

  • God gives Us eternal life. It is a Free gift, you cannot earn it. You can only express your Gratitude towards God’s blessings by modelling Him.
  • Why do you need faith, meaning, without reason?

    A: At some point, you will need to have faith, since you cannot understand everything. That does not mean you don’t have to think, but think even more.

  • Why don’t we just be philosophical, open to many things? Why don’t we just incorporate good things from other religions?

    A: That sounds good but there’s a religion like that already. It lacks depth. The fact is, life is not on the surface. When reality hits, you need a deep-rooted system to move on.

  • We are in the House of the Lord. We are just “guests”. Don’t be messy 🙂

Sunday morning we went to a Vietnamese Church. I met new people, all from the South of Vietnam. They were so good. The Sunday service was simple, deep and meaningful. I enjoyed talking with with folks there. They really spoke from their hearts.

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