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[Saturday] Vermont foliage

October 15, 2007

We came out fresh and returned with a memory full of leaves this weekend.

Northeast Kingdom, Vermont

Northeast Kingdom

– Saturday, we traveled around Northeast Kingdom area, one of the most untouched rural part of the U.S. Scenic drives, beautiful lakes and rolling hills. Very still lanes with lots of autumn leaves. Nobody watching. Just the leaves rustling 🙂

– We traveled to the Jay Peak, the highest elevation point. Looking down at tree tops from the viewing area of the highway, amids running traffic was magnificent.

– We traveled to a hidden castle in a faraway farm, recommended by Bill and Jo, two Chinese friends. The castle was beautiful, constructed by a retired couple. Still, we saw the U.S. mail ladies.. It was like in a movie.

– The weather was good in the morning but rained later in the afternoon. It was still fortunate, since the week before, a group of friends from Massachusetts coming to Vermont returned in the middle since it rained heavily..

A leave road

The leaves of the foliage

There are so many of them.

Red maple

Mountain Ash

Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe

The sound of music

On the way back, we went through Route 100 and reached Stowe, VT. We visited Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe.

The Trapp is in such a strategic viewpoint that you can see Stowe beauty in full view. Wonderful position to see the Autumn!

A brief history of the Trapp Family Lodge:

– Trapp Family Singers were the real legend behind the famous movie “The Sound of Music” – Dear, a deer, a female deer…

– During WWII, while Hitler occupied Austria, they migrated to America on a ship and landed in Ellis Island, NYC.

– They went around the country and countries around the world to perform music.

– Maria von Trapp Mother decided to settle in Vermont since Vermont reminds her so well of flavors of Austrian heritage.

– Over time, the Trapp Family house evolved into a resort area.

– And there are many children and grand children of them. My former roommate studied with few of them 🙂

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