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Vermont Career Fair 3.0

January 28, 2008

I went to Career Fair Vermont 3.0 this Saturday to look for some opportunities and people. It was fun and hopefully productive for me. (I am praying)

  • Why attending a career fair?
    • Statistics has it that 70% of the job market are unpublished.
    • Excellent impact: definitely go for face to face opportunities. The impression you make to the recruiter is much stronger a resume and a cover letter submitted online.
    • A great networking event. Besides jobs-seekers, there were companies, employers, recruiting firms, evangelists, professors, University career office, associations, news papers, the host, advertisers at the career fair..
      • A rule: Six degrees of separation. People may lead you to your desired job even though neither they nor their 1st immediate contacts have a job for you.
  • Observations
    • There are a lot of small software companies on niche markets: grocery software, park and recreation, newspaper, television… It seems not difficult to create a small software company.
    • Generalists: my term for companies that integrate specialists products into a complete package. For example Dell, Apple, HP, EMC are generalists for AMD, Intel, Samsung, Nvidia…

      I was interested in a building solution company at the career fair.

    • Those who consider career change would need a lot of new learning and may need leverage from their acquired background to pave the road. I think of a formula: 70% from background and 30% new learning; not sure if there is some reference out there. I will do some search though 🙂

      For example:
      1) a technical person -> application engineer -> a business man -> a business career.
      2) an telecommunication engineer for telecom industry -> telecom for environment industry -> a person works in environment -> a non-profit career.

  • Career-related picks

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