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Entry for Thursday March 20, 2008

March 21, 2008

Google product picks

  • Synchronization between Google Calendar and Outlook: Great feature which is along the line of connecting web services to off-line traditional applications.
  • Google Engineering’s philosophy:

    1. All developers work out of a ~single source depot; shared infrastructure!
    2. A developer can fix bugs anywhere in the source tree.
    3. Building a product takes 3 commands (“get, config, make”)
    4. Uniform coding style guidelines across company
    5. Code reviews mandatory for all checkins
    6. Pervasive unit testing, written by developers
    7. Unit tests run continuously, email sent on failure
    8. Powerful tools, shared company-wide
    9. Rapid project cycles; developers change projects often; 20% time
    10. Peer-driven review process; flat management structure
    11. Transparency into projects, code, process, ideas, etc.
    12. Dozens of offices around world => hire best people regardless of location

(Source: Google Open House 9/2007 and Google unofficial blog)

  • Suggestions for Google and others: along the line of bridging online services and off-line applications, the key would be no-internet access. I propose we use off-line web display with a database (like an off-line blog) for online application such as Google Calendar.


    • All online services have almost the same off-line web display. Say, Google Desktop home would be an off-line blog, there we have link to off-line calendar and synchronization with online calendar.
    • Google Desktop then would be the off-line platform and search engine for all on and off-line services.

Roommate chats

  • Me: What is the purpose of life?
  • Elizabeth: Love and Service
  • Noah: To get closer to God
  • I am for both 🙂
  • What is the benefit of music?
    Noah: To get us closer to God.
  • What is the meaning of life? Ecclesiastes is a great answer to the question. I really enjoyed the chapter and John Stevenson’s interpretation of the subject. The Bible turns out to be the great living book that helps a lot. Bible as a study is better than any self help book under the sun.


  • I cooked dinner for Noah today and Noah offered his recipe for entry: (kool) Rice mixed with Ice Cream. It turned out to be very delicious 🙂

Spring comes: Today is the first day of the Spring 2008.

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