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A train to Jamaica

February 2, 2009

On a train from Bridgeport

CT to Grand Central NYC yesterday.

A man in military clothes.


The clothes is of one of his three sons all working in the
army. He is working for Wal-Mart in NYC and going to Jamaica, not really cares or knows
what he is doing next.

It is hard to explain why I am going there, the old man

Is your wife going with you?

An emotion surges on his sully face.

How is she? Why you go alone?

The old man has problem with his wife.

Whatever it is, forgive her before you go.

She will never receive any forgiveness from me, old man
grumbles. She is mean, she lies.

A personal story and a story of Nelson Mandela were told. In
which, Nelson Mandela, 40 years in prison, separated from wife and kids, on his
first steps to the free world, said “I forgive everybody, including those
put me in prison, because if I do not forgive, I am still in prison”

Somehow that forgiveness sinks in the man heart. He smiles.

Do you believe in God?

Yes, said the man.

So pray to God, he will give you more forgiveness that you
can forgive, more endurance than you can endure, more wisdom than you can


After a while, he left the train. God bless him. Let pray
for him. The rest of his story none of us knows, but God knows.

The young man realizes there are many significant things
around us, anytime, anywhere, if we think less of “I, me, mine” and
care more about the one next to us.

The young man is me, and this is my chicken soup for today

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